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Report: COD Vanguard Weapon Attachments & Weapon Perks Leak Out With Photographs

As is with most Name of Responsibility video games, one of the vital features that multiplayer followers wish to know straight away are the perks, and weapon attachments on condition that’s how most individuals construct their loadouts. Fortunately, we don’t have to attend to know what a number of the COD Vanguard weapon attachnents and weapon perks are, as they’ve leaked!

Because of dependable Name of Responsibility leaker TheMW2GhostOG who has obtained not solely the listing of COD Vanguard weapon attachments, but in addition pictures too! MP1st has reached out, and was given entry to the pictures, that are slotted in by way of the gallery under alongside the listing of weapon attachments and weapon perks, and extra particulars.

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Word that we can’t confirm if the listing under is the whole listing of weapon attachments or weapon perks. Relating to the listing under, those with an asterisk mark seems to be for a Weapon Perk unlock, and a few ranges give two unlocks.

COD Vanguard Weapon Attachments & Weapon Perks STG-44:

Degree 2: Nydar Mannequin 47
Degree 3: Skythe Compensator
Degree 4: Skeletal Inventory
Degree 5: Zeiss G16 2.5x
Degree 6: Maxim Silencer
Degree 7: Rubber Grip
Degree 8: Slate Reflector
Degree 9: Konstanz Tactical
Degree 10: T1 Flash Hider
Degree 11: Taped Grip
Degree 12: Subsonic Rounds
Degree 13: .22 LR Mags
Degree 14: MK 3 SunFilter
Degree 15: FMJ Spherical
Degree 16: Leather-based Grip
Degree 17: ZC2 1.35x Lens
Degree 18: Light-weight Brief
Degree 19: Quick Melee*
Degree 20: Strain*
Degree 21: Carver Foregrip
Degree 22: *Attain* & *Frangible*
Degree 23: 620mm Jäger
Degree 24: M3 Prepared Grip
Degree 25: 7.92x57mm Rounds
Degree 26: Recoil Booster
Degree 27: Material Grip & *Acrobatic*
Degree 28: M19 4.0x Flip
Degree 29: Bipod & *Surplus*
Degree 30: K98 Scout 9x Telescopic
Degree 31: Quicksilver Silencer & Monocular Reflector
Degree 32: *Important*
Degree 33: Armour Piercing
Degree 34: M1913 Variable 4-8x Scope & Grooved Grip
Degree 35: Flashlight
Degree 36: *Iron Lungs*
Degree 37: Monitor Brake
Degree 38: ROF Additional Brief & Saturn Lens 1.35x
Degree 39: *Nerves of Metal*
Degree 40: Hatched Grip
Degree 41: ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope & SML Pistol Grip
Degree 42: *Absolutely Loaded*
Degree 43: Inventory Eliminated & ZF41 7.0X Telescopic
Degree 44: *Incendiary*
Degree 45: M38/Slate 2.5x Customized
Degree 46: *Focus*
Degree 47: FB Stabiliser
Degree 48: M38 5.0x telescopic & Bakelight Grip
Degree 49: m1930 Madson
Degree 50: *Fluted Lengthy*
Degree 51: MK 3 Mod.2 Sunfilter & *Defender*
Degree 52: Pine Tar Grip
Degree 53: 8mm Kurz Spherical Drum
Degree 54: ZG 1229 Vampir
Degree 55: *Sleight of Hand*
Degree 56: *Lengthened*
Degree 57: Marksman Inventory
Degree 58: Bayonet
Degree 59: Spitfire Mk3 Reflector
Degree 60: *Heavy Hitter*
Degree 61: 1229/Slate 3.25x Customized & Granular Grip
Degree 62: *Hole Level*
Degree 63: SVT-40 PU Scope
Degree 64: *On Hand*
Degree 65: MK6 Para
Degree 66: MK 18 Sunfilter
Degree 67: Stippled Grip
Degree 68: Heavy Inventory & Mustang MK8 Reflector
Degree 69: 7.92x57mm Mauser Quick Mags
Degree 70: M1941 Handstop
Degree 71: Medium Ironsights & Massive Ironsights

You’ll be able to see the unlock icons and perks under, and these are how you’ll see them in Create-a-Class:


Evidently some weapons have a max weapon stage cap of 71, although it doesn’t appear to use to each weapon. Per TheMW2Ghost, he has shared the next weapon caps he was in a position to acquire:

Revolving shotgun 71
M1911 60
STG-44 – 71
BAR – 71
1911 – 60
Thompson – 70

For these , the max weapon stage cap in Fashionable Warfare 2019 was at 100, although gamers stopped incomes rewards at stage 70.

Once more, identical with each different piece of information not formally launched by Activision or its studios, take it with a grain of salt, as issues may change from now till the sport’s launch in November 5.

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