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Black Ops Chilly Conflict AK 47 Gun Information – Efficient Attachments & What to Keep away from

With Name of Responsibility: Black Ops Chilly Conflict multiplayer in full swing, a gun meta is slowly inching its method up, and facet from the MP5 submachine gun, one other weapon seeing a whole lot of use is the AK 47! Should you want assist in creating the perfect weapon loadout, we’re right here to assist with this Black Ops Chilly Conflict AK 47 gun information!

Korean YouTuber Tiny wolf’s Gaming has posted the AK 47 gun information beneath, and there’s even a advice on which attachments to make use of and keep away from.

Earlier than you learn on, right here’s a fast refresher on what every acronym is:


  • TTK = Time to kill
  • BTK = Bullets to kill
  • AR = Assault Rifle
  • LMG = Gentle Machine Gun
  • SMG = Submachine Gun
  • ADS: Goal Down sight Velocity
  • Dash out: Dash to Fireplace Velocity

Black Ops Chilly Conflict AK 47 Gun Information:

AK 47

1. Vary


AK47 has the second shortest vary amongst ARs.


Base = 38 ~ 30

Headshots = 53.2 ~ 42

RPM = 600

3. BTK & TTK

Headshots BTK TTK
0 4 ~ 5 300ms ~ 400ms
1 4 ~ 5 300ms ~ 400ms
2 4 ~ 5 300ms ~ 400ms
3 3 ~ 4 200ms ~ 300ms

AK47 has the quickest TTK amongst ARs.

Nonetheless, its headshot effectivity isn’t good in any respect.

4. Recoil

The recoil on AK47 is kinda troublesome. The sample goes up and to the left, however then modifications its path to higher proper. It’s manageable, certainly. However it may be an issue when the fight vary will get additional than 45m.

5. Professionals and cons


Excessive injury per shot.

The quickest TTK amongst ARs.

Small injury drop off past its efficient vary.

Observe: Although the injury drop off itself is small, TTK will get dramatically slower past the gun’s efficient vary.


The slowest velocity amongst ARs.

Quick vary.

Troublesome horizontal recoil.

Low RPM.

6. Breakdown

AK47 in Chilly Conflict may be very completely different from its Trendy Warfare counterpart.

On MW, TTK on AK47 barely modified past its efficient vary which made it good in mid vary fight. Nonetheless, in BOCW, its TTK will get considerably slower past the vary. Not solely that, however that dropoff of TTK is on prime of getting a brief vary to start with and a gradual muzzle velocity. These options make it pretty straightforward for different weapons to outperform AK47 in mid to lengthy ranged encounters.

The fight distance that AK47 performs the most effective is between 25m and 40m. SMGs can outperform it underneath 20m, whereas different weapons will begin to get extra benefits when you cross 40m.

SMGs are a greater possibility if you happen to’re after a run-and-gun playstyle, and LMGs are nice for tenting. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the AR class of weapon in BOCW is probably the most versatile. With the appropriate steadiness of playstyle, expertise, and attachments, it will probably really be a superb possibility.

7. Beneficial Construct

[For a small map]

An optic of your selection or Sound suppressor

18.2″ VDV Bolstered / GRU Magazine clamp / Serpant wrap / KGB Skeleton inventory

Vary + 100% (38.1m -> 76.2m)

* With a suppressor, + 85% (38.1m -> 70.49m)

Velocity + 40%

* With a suppressor, + 25%

Reload pace + 35%

Beginning ammo + 33%

ADS + 19%

Dash out + 20%

Hipfire accuracy – 15%

As a result of in common multiplayer most maps aren’t that massive, VDV Bolstered offers loads of vary bonus. If recoil is kinda exhausting so that you can management, you may substitute the suppressor/optic with a foregrip.

[For a big map]

An optic of your selection / 20″ Liberator / Spetsnaz grip / 40 RND Magazine / GRU Elastic wrap

Bullet elocity + 100%

30 Rounds in a magazine -> 40 Rounds in a magazine

Beginning ammo + 33%

Vertical recoil management + 6%

Horizontal recoil management + 20%

ADS + 30%

Flinch resistence + 90%

Goal strolling transfer pace – 30%

Taking pictures motion pace – 26%

Reload pace – 10%

Dash out – 10%

This construct is for the mixed arms and soiled bomb modes, the place longer ranged fight occurs extra often. Even growing the gun’s vary with VDV Bolstered, it will probably probably nonetheless not be sufficient.

As a substitute, I like to recommend that you simply improve the muzzle velocity. BTK does improve past the efficient vary, in fact. Nonetheless, if the fight distance goes to push previous that time in any case, it is going to be higher to extend the rate so that you simply’re not less than in a position to hit them with out lacking too many photographs.

I additionally targeted on different stats which can be necessary for these lengthy ranged encounters, similar to recoil management and flinch resistance.

[Gunfighter wildcard]

An optic of your selection / Muzzle break 5.56 / 18.2″ VDV Bolstered / Tigerteam highlight / Spetsnaz grip / 40 RND Velocity magazine / GRU Elastic wrap / KGB Skeleton inventory

Efficient injury vary + 100% (38.1m -> 76.2m)

Bullet velocity + 40%

30 Rounds in a magazine -> 40 Rounds in a magazine

Beginning ammo + 33%

Vertical recoil management + 10%

Horizontal recoil management + 20%

ADS + 10%

Flinch resistence + 90%

Reveal distance + 40%

Dash out + 5%

Goal strolling transfer pace + 20%

Taking pictures motion pace – 36%

Reload pace – 10%

Dash pace – 4%

Hipfire accuracy – 30%

This construct has elevated vary, bullet velocity, and recoil management.

Its hipfire accuracy is fairly dangerous to start with, so I opted to simply sacrifice it.

8. Attachements to keep away from

GRU Suppressor

Muzzle concealment + 100%

Vertical recoil management + 7%

Efficient injury vary – 25%

Bullet velocity – 30%

The additional vertical recoil is sweet, however this attachment additionally makes AK47s weaknesses much more of an issue.

18.2″ Takedown

Efficient injury vary+ 150% (38.1m -> 95.25m)

Dash pace – 5%

So shall we say you’re in a position to now have an efficient vary as much as 95m. It sounds good, till you consider the gun’s horrible bullet velocity. You’ll watch in what seems like gradual movement as your bullet goes the place your goal was standing 6 years in the past once you pulled the set off. This half is simply not well worth the attachment slot on AK47.

20″ Spetsnaz RPK barrel

Harm + 11% (38 -> 42)

Efficient injury vary+ 50%

Bullet velocity + 50%

Beginning ammo – 33%

Vertical recoil management – 20%

Horizontal recoil management – 15%

The additional 11% injury doesn’t really change BTK or TTK in any respect. The gun’s headshot effectivity does technically improve, nonetheless you’ll must get not less than 2 headshots to really feel the distinction.

As a result of AK47 already has excessive injury by default and it suffers from different problems- vary, bullet velocity, recoil- there are higher issues to make use of than this.

Last ideas

In my view, AK47 is simply the most effective AR. Even when stacked towards different gun varieties it does good. I’d say like, A-tier not less than. In Trendy Warfare it might kill issues sooner (however what couldn’t? MW’s ttk is insane) and it was fairly good even past it’s efficient vary. Nonetheless, due to the robust to manage recoil it was exhausting to make use of and it didn’t do the most effective towards weapons in nearer ranges.

In contrast, in Chilly Conflict I personally really feel prefer it’s much less robust with regards to killing issues rapidly. However the recoil is method higher and the chance of utilizing the gun went down. So rather less threat vs reward and rather more constant.

I’m curious how they’ll deal with these modifications in Warzone, as a result of the gun positively isn’t the identical between MW and BOCW.

​Keep tuned for extra Black Ops Chilly Conflict gun guides right here on MP1st and from Tiny wolf’s Gaming!

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